We at ISEC take
pride in growing the global Coaching community!

Our Executive Coaching programs include Coach Certification programs and coaching workshops. As a licensee of the International Association of Coaching (IAC), the School draws on international best practice from North America, Europe and Asia, including a range of different coaching methodologies.

We follow the proprietary AWARETM model and the Inner Coach Methodology in all our assignments. This simple yet powerful model has its roots in the field of sports psychology and provides principles, methods, and tools to facilitate learning. Self-awareness using the Inner Coach methodology is the basis for enhancing effectiveness of teams and building superior leadership capabilities.

Why ISEC Executive Coach Certification Program ?

  • Compelling

    The ISEC Coaching philosophy inculcates the Nine IAC Masteries (ISEC is a licensed school of the IAC), powerful concepts drawn from Mental Toughness training for sportspersons, Organizational behavior and Positive Psychology that apply in the realms of Life and Business Coaching

  • Credible

    As a licensed school of the premier coach credentialing organization, the International Association of coaching (IAC), ISEC Certified Coaches have gained acceptance from Client Organizations from across sectors. Our Coach Certification Program has been designed by Krishna Kumar, ISEC Founder & Master Coach, a Founding Fellow of the Institute of Coaching Professionals Association (ICPA), an affiliate of the Harvard Medical College. Krishna Kumar who is a USPTR certified Tennis Coach and Founder of Kinesis, India's Premier Tennis Academy is also an Adjunct Faculty at IIM Bangalore.

  • Convenient

    The Program can be comfortably pursued along with your regular work from the cozy environs of your home as the all components of the Certification Program are online, typically scheduled at the weekends.

  • Comprehensive

    The Certification components are spread over 100 days. They cover a comprehensive range of topics from the basic concept of Coaching and Coaching Mechanics to the study of Advanced Coaching models and frameworks.

  • Continuous support

    Handholding is provided by the ISEC Chamber of Coaches at every step of your journey. The ISEC certification acts as a launch pad for those interested in pursuing a Coaching Career.

What Does The ISEC Executive Coach Certification Program consist of?

  • Program Components

    Introduction to Coaching, Mechanics of Coaching, Coaching Models, IAC Masteries, The Inner Coach Methodology, Coaching Frameworks, Emotional Intelligence, Critical Thinking, Positive Psychology.

  • Webinars

    A series of 10 Webinars will be scheduled, each of 90-120 minutes in duration, spread over 100 days. These Webinars are conducted by the ISEC Master Coach and Lead Certifier, Krishna Kumar, ISEC and IAC Faculty.

  • Online Quizzes

    7 Online Quizzes will help gauge progress in your learning process.

  • Online Resources

    All learners will have access to ISEC LMS system containing extensive study material and videos.

  • Peer Coaching Sessions

    A minimum of 6 Peer Coaching Sessions, each of 45 minutes in duration, are to be completed by the participant. A couple of these Sessions will be supervised by one of the Senior ISEC Coaches in order to provide feedback and facilitate improvement. At least of 3 online clarification sessions with the ISEC Master Coach / ISEC Senior Faculty will be set up during the Certification course.

  • Final Evaluation

    Once all requirements of the ISEC Online Coach Certification have been satisfactorily completed, the participant undergoes a final round of telephonic evaluation prior to receiving their Certificate.

  • Certificate

    On completion of all Certification requirements, the participant shall receive a certificate that reads ISEC Executive Coach. Following the final round of evaluation, select Certified Coaches will be offered the opportunity to be empanelled into the ISEC Chamber of Coaches.

Program Fees
INR 125,000 + plus 18% GST
Payment Mode
Payment can be made online or by cheque. Please consult the Program Coordinator for more details.
You may express your interest by filling up "Leave a Message" section or by mail business@isecindia.in or call +91 99800918100

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