As an individual or a team, What got you here won’t get you there!

People Development departments often speak of high potential individuals failing to make the cut due to lack of soft skills. Words like ‘needs better communication skills’ or ‘must hone up her leadership skills’ are often mentioned during review meetings or personal interviews. Can the organization help this disheartened executive get to the next level?

At ISEC, we organize sponsored coaching for such high potential individuals and teams who need to improve their leadership or management skills. The coach, the client and the company (sponsor) meet initially to discuss the desired outcome, after which our experts create customized plans to work with the individuals to achieve the results.

This helps the executive in the following ways:

  • Identify the enterprise’s objectives and work towards that end
  • Get valuable information and learn to make an informed analysis
  • Identify potential areas of growth and increased competency
  • Create their own Personal Development Plan in conjunction with their managers
  • Gain insight into themselves and their organization and use it to grow both

Assessments are usually held twice during the coaching program. Once at the start of the coaching assignment and later when the program is completed. Typically, internationally recognized instruments like the MBTI, DISC and 360 degree feedback are used. The coach and sponsoring organization work first on collecting, validating and analyzing information before the actual coaching program sets off to identify those areas for improvement in the client. These results are compared with the findings using the same instrument at the conclusion of the program.

Meetings are fixed two to three times a month for a period stretching between four to nine months. During this time, the sponsor receives regular updates on the progress of the coaching program.

Complete confidentiality is assured at such meetings where the coach limits communication with the sponsor to the KRAs.