• ISEC Open Workshop

  • “Extremely inspiring stories and easy to relate and practical examples. Wanted the session to continue longer :-). Enjoyed every bit of it. Conceptual clarity was abundant and helped me understand the small distinctions that can make all the difference to one's coaching conversation. Learned that one can even do coaching with minimal or no conversation. Will surely come back to learn more.”

    - Senior Leader, TNT India Pvt. Ltd.

  • “The concept of understanding self, moving through present day challenges by making own introspection and developing on positives and stabilizing neutrals and negatives. The resolution of problems by creating a positive and better understood self-resulting into a greater conceptualization of the Organisation and employees within.”

    - Senior Director, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.

  • “The sports examples were wonderfully blended into the storytelling which will stay with us for a long time.”

    - Officer, The Indian Army

  • “Krishna Kumar’s session left us wanting for more. His sessions complemented the macro picture and brought the human touch behind all business dealings. Through the initiation into coaching, he has left us a little more open and sorted than when we arrived.”

    - HR Manager, Novozymes South Asia Pvt. Ltd.

  • “Revamp the Champ Workshop is a powerful program that spurs individuals to personal growth and enhanced coaching ability. This in turn enables them to make a difference to their teams and organizations they are a part of.”

    - VIVEK (Head of L&D of a large MNC)

  • “The Workshop gets you into a deep thinking frame of mind. A very enriching experience. It may be good to introduce some role plays too.”

    - ANITA (HR Head of an Indian IT Organization)

  • “10/10. Brilliant Workshop.”

    - BHASKER L. (Owner of a Fitness Studio, Coimbatore)

  • “The Workshop has been an experience par excellence. The knowledge imparted to the participants was excellent. Each of the Sessions of the Workshop was very meaningful and professional. Kudos to ISEC!”

    - JACOB J. (Senior IT Professional & Certified Manager of Quality)

  • “The workshop is a fantastic tool to leapfrog self, business and relationships manifold in a short duration of time. A true life skill learning.”

    - PRASAD (IT Entrepreneur)

  • ISEC Coach Certification

  • “ISEC has played a pioneering role in executive coaching in India and in my own Coaching journey. I was part of the first batch of ISEC Coach Certification program which provided me with a holistic, international and multi-disciplinary view of state-of-the-art coaching theory and practice, all under the passionate and very personal care and guidance of ISEC founder, Mr. Krishna Kumar and his thoughtfully selected experts. The ISEC certification is one of the best things that happened to me as it helped me to discover my inner passion for coaching. It has also prepared me by providing tools, techniques, frameworks and a community for a meaningful journey in coaching past several years. Also, thanks to ISEC, I have coached the best minds/professionals in the industry to make a positive difference in their careers and lives. If you want your coaching fires to be burning within you or if you are looking to build an alternate career, I highly recommend ISEC's coaching certification program.”

    - S. Kabe | Senior ISEC Executive Coach (Batch of 2010)

  • “Although I was aware of various personal development methods, I wanted to build my knowledge and understanding of executive coaching. By gaining certification through ISEC, I have been encouraged to do just that. I am impressed by ISEC’s professional approach and their commitment to driving high standards for coaching. The executive coaching opportunities have thereafter, provided a wonderful opportunity to integrate and deepen my knowledge techniques and to assist my clients in their journey of self-discovery, action planning to leverage strengths and enhance contribution.”

    - A. Kapoor | Senior ISEC Executive Coach (Batch of 2013)

  • “ISEC coach certification program is a unique mix of comprehensive content, insightful conversations and ongoing support. Master Coach Krishna Kumar brilliantly introduces coaching concepts and techniques that are well researched, powerful and practical. This program has contributed significantly to my role as a consultant, learning facilitator and entrepreneur.”

    - A. Nair | Senior ISEC Executive Coach (Batch of 2013)

  • ‘Success Compass’ Parent

  • “Thanks for helping Ankeeta out today. She felt very comfortable chatting with you....must be some magic that you have ! :)

    The report I thought had tremendous insight on several areas which she can work on and improve.

    I sincerely hope she takes it up seriously and works on the various facets that can make her realize her fullest potential.”

    Thanks again,
    Yatin Pandit (Canada)

  • “Thanks for meeting us and giving my son Rahul your expert advice.

    As a single parent, (you may agree with me here), that it is constantly on our minds about the smallest and least important decisions that we make in our lives, especially with our children.

    I was exceptionally happy to hear from KK and Nirmala about Rahul. It only has added much more confidence and faith in myself for the way i have raised my children. It was a wonderful experience.

    Thanks again. Warm regards to Nirmala.”

    S. Tare (Mumbai, India)

  • ‘Success Compass’ Participant

  • “I want to thank the ISEC Coaches, Krishna Kumar and Nirmala Krishnakumar, for sparing time for us and guiding us. The Coaches are very experienced professionals and it was very easy to talk and share everything with them because of their warm and down to earth nature.

    This coaching has helped me by making things clear and for getting me to know about my own likes and strengths. Though it has changed my opinion yet I know it is for the best because it is who I am and what I would like to be in future. At least now I know that I will be doing something which I would like or suits me the most. I also wanted to tell you that I will shortly be informing you about the arts combinations so that you would be able to guide me further. Thank you once again sir for sparing time for us. I would surely remember it for life.”

    - Ushma B. (Mumbai, India)

  • “I want to thank the ISEC Coaches for their session yesterday. It really has helped me.

    Thank you”

    - Dhwani P. (Ahmedabad, India)