At the Intrad School of Executive Coaching (ISEC) you will be with a coach who has the qualities of compassion, empathy, integrity, authenticity, and awareness.

Your coach will be able to determine when to support and encourage and when to stretch the skills present within you to help you in your journey towards increased personal effectiveness.

We are unique in more ways than one!

  • We have developed the highly successful Inner Coach™ methodology which we use in all our coaching assignments
  • Our years of experience in the field of sports and executive coaching provide us with a sound base to support you and we are well aware of those key elements of a successful coach.
  • We apply techniques used by the best of Olympic athletes & coaches and international tennis coaches suitably modified to be relevant to the corporate scenario
  • We use simple but powerful tools for all our coaching assignments which show immediate results

To sum up, we know the right way to listen, the right way to question, the right way to support, and the right way to achieve lasting results, all in all- the right way to coach and help you become a Coach!